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With nearly 25 years of experience, Ken Packard, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Daniels Trading, discusses the trader’s journey to develop self-awareness and build a solid trading foundation in the upcoming new year. This webinar focuses on how to discover the opportunities that may outweigh the risks when it comes to futures trading. 

During this webinar, you’ll learn ...

  • How to objectively view greed and fear and overcome interpersonal challenges to become a successful trader
  • The right balance of instinct, emotion, and logic to accomplish your goals
  • Insights on avoiding trader paralysis
  • How VUCA, a military acronym, relates to the marketplace
  • Foundations and the importance of documentation for your trading

Sign up today to gain advice from an expert with nearly two decades of experience in the industry. Jace Jarboe, Daniels Trading Futures & Options Broker, will moderate.

Featuring Ken Packard



Ken Packard first arrived on the grain floor of the Chicago Board of Trade in late 1995, and has worked within the Daniels Trading infrastructure from the firm’s infancy. Starting in a support role and working his way through the ranks, Ken first began learning futures brokerage by assisting Andy Daniels and the firm’s other brokers. He became a broker in 1997, using the skills he meticulously learned in the DT office. He currently serves as the firm’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, having also held roles as a Sales Manager and VP of Sales. He is registered with the National Futures Association (NFA) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as a Security Futures Principal as well as an Associated Person.

Moderated by Jace Jarboe


A licensed Series 3 and Series 34 broker with the NFA, Jace is a Futures & Options Broker with Daniels Trading. Since 2016, Jace has devoted his time to learning all aspects of the futures industry. With a dedicated goal of helping his clients achieve their short- and long-term trading goals, Jace assists in a variety of commodity sectors. Jace aims to present trade recommendations to his clients that are most suitable for each specific need depending on both risk tolerance and intended trade duration. Jace has experience in both speculating and hedging, utilizing futures, options, spreads, and spot FX.



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What viewers are saying about Ken's webinar...


"Ken's presentation was fantastic. I really liked a lot of what he said. In fact, I started reading "Predictably Irrational". I like the idea that trading is so much more than technique and that it is a vehicle for personal growth."

Ron Heflin

“One of the the big takeaways from Ken's presentation was awareness that I was backfilling stores to justify bad trading when i didn't know what I was doing.”

Eric C.