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The Trade Spotlight advisory service covers futures, futures spreads, and commodity options. At the end of each trading day the commodity markets are analyzed by applying our methodology and recommendations are delivered to you based on our trading philosophy. Our technique is to track specific chart patterns for breakouts and apply key technical indicators to confirm the trade setup. That trade setup provides specific entry and exit levels with a focus on risk and capital management. Once in a position, you will receive management emails when it’s time to either tighten the stop loss or to take a profit. Then, at the end of each week, you will receive a summary email that reviews all positions and working orders to ensure you are on track. For spreads and options, a monthly summary email will breakdown each position and identify whether to hold, add, or liquidate.
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About the Author


Don DeBartolo
Broker | Institutional Futures Client Management Group

Don DeBartolo is a Series 3 licensed broker registered with the National Futures Association (NFA). Don’s career in the industry began as an arbitrage clerk in the S&P 500 futures pit at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). Taking his floor trading execution expertise and the ability to navigate a fast-paced environment, he transitioned to the brokerage side of the business. Since 2005, he has been a broker with Daniels Trading, a relationship-based firm in the heart of the financial district in Chicago. His responsibilities as a broker include providing trade execution, market analysis, and money management to his clients all over the world. Pulling from his vast experience and proficiency in the futures and commodity options markets, Don is able to offer his clients timely insight, specialized trade recommendations, and educational information through his various writings and videos. In 2010, he developed a formal trade advisory for clients seeking specific trade recommendations and subsequent risk management.