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dt_ebook_GuidetoSmarterAgMarketing-FixedRiskHedging-cover-thumb.pngAre you a sell-side producer looking for more information on fixed risk hedging techniques? This guide covers basic and complex types of hedging strategies that can help you avoid exposure to unlimited risk on your hedges.

Read the guide today to learn:

  • The basics of fixed risk hedging

  • 7 strategies for your trading and the pros and cons of each of the following:

    • Put spread purchases

    • Outright put purchases

    • Futures sale combined with a call purchase

    • Futures sale combined with a call purchase and put sale

    • Call spread sale

    • Combination of call spread sale and put purchase

    • Combination of a call spread sale and put spread purchase

  • A breakdown of when to use each of the 7 suggested trading strategies

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