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As an important part of any successful trader’s technical arsenal, options can be used to predict volatility, market direction, hedge positions, and more. This comprehensive course from CME Group will help traders of any experience level learn more about options, exploring subjects such as contract details, theoretical pricing, expiration dates, and intrinsic value. 

The course contains the following chapters: 

  1. Understanding Options Contract Details

  2. Getting to Know Underlying (Options on Futures)

  3. What is Exercise Price (Strike)?

  4. What is Expiration Date (Expiry)?

  5. Explaining Call Options (Short and Long)

  6. Explaining Put Options (Short and Long)

  7. Understanding AM/PM Expirations

  8. Learn About Exercise and Assignment

  9. Understanding the Difference: European vs. American Style Options

  10. Calculating Options Moneyness & Intrinsic Value

  11. Understanding Options Expiration (Profit and Loss)

  12. Introduction to Options Theoretical Pricing

  13. Discover Options Volatility

  14. Put-Call Parity

  15. Options on Futures vs. ETFs

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