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Small Exchange Logo

The Smalls — Small. Standard. Simple.

By pairing the efficiency of futures with the clarity of stocks, The Small Exchange is making futures markets more accessible to more people. With the Smalls you can:

  • Follow a manageable road to capital efficiency by trading smaller-sized products
  • Enjoy more trading and less studying with uniform tick sizes across all Smalls contracts
  • Accelerate your ideas to execution with products that are holistic representations of popular financial markets

Trade Small Exchange Products on dt Pro!

Try trading the Smalls for yourself!:

  • Laptop with dt ProAccess to the Smalls + all global futures markets
  • 14 days to see what you can do
  • $50,000 of virtual money
  • One-click trading off the DOM
  • Real-time streaming quotes and charts
  • And lots more!

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You Can Trade —

Site-Icon_Stix60STIX \ Small Technology 60

Small Technology 60 represents a growing technology sector with the most innovative stocks from four distinct subsectors.

Site-Icon_Stocks75_01SM75 \ Small Stocks 75

Small Stocks 75 tracks millions of data points across the five major stock sectors to give you a truly active stock market.

Site-Icon_USDollar_01SFX \ Small US Dollar

Small US Dollar is priced directly to USD so you won’t need conversions when trading foreign exchange.

Site-Icon_Metals_01SPRE \ Small Precious Metals

Small Precious Metals blends the most popular metals so you won’t miss the fashionable trade in such a dynamic market.

Site-Icon_10YR_01S10Y \ Small 10YR US Treasury Yield

Small 10YR US Treasury Yield (coming soon!) is priced simply so you can skip the calculations in bond alternatives and just trade rates.

Site-Icon_GlobalOil_01SMGO \ Small Global Oil

Small Global Oil (coming soon!) combines crude oil benchmarks into a single index that reduces exposure to shifts in technology and geopolitics.

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