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At Daniels Trading, we have a variety of options for working with us, from self-directed online futures trading to full-service broker assistance and everything in between.

We can customize the solution that works for you, depending on the level of service that’s right for you.

Fill out the form to answer some basic questions about your risk tolerance, your trading objectives and the level of broker interaction you prefer, and we’ll give you a call.

On the call we’ll discuss:

  • Our level of support and the services you’ll receive from our brokers

  • Commission rates and fees

  • Funding your account

We believe our value is defined by much more than price alone. If you agree we should talk.

Let's Find Out More About You

Our Futures Brokers

Our brokers serve as trading advocates – advocates who are in tune to each client’s specific futures trading needs and objectives. From keeping an unwavering eye on risk, to leveraging the size and financial stability of our clearing partners, our brokers will answer questions, address concerns and never shy away from challenging orders.